Resources for statistical analysis


Siobhon Egan


July 30, 2021


Quick statistics links and notes


Where performing more complex statistical analysis I highly recommend you use R/RStudio. This page is just to provide some generic statistics information and links for performing quick analysis.

🔗 Resources

VassarStats: Website for Statistical Computation - Perform a range of statistical tests quickly through this website.

Wessa - Another resource for performing statistical analysis quick with web interface.

Stat pages - Excellent master reference for links to all things statistics.

Epitools by AusVet - The site is intended for use by epidemiologists and researchers involved in estimating disease prevalence or demonstrating freedom from disease through structured surveys, or in other epidemiological applications.

Ordination Methods by Michael W. Palmer - provides comprehensive notes on ordination methods. You’ll also see thinks to a range of other statistical analysis.

OpenEpi - A free and open source software for epidemiologic statistics. It can be run from a web server or downloaded and run without a web connection.