Tidy data and research links

tidy data

Notes for general data analysis and data in RStudio


Siobhon Egan


June 23, 2022

is a programming language that is especially powerful for data exploration, visualization, and statistical analysis. R is also a software that interprets the scipts written using it. The most popular way to interact with R is by using RStudio. To get started you need to install R and RStudio on your computer.

An extra note


As a general rule these pages on RStudio are not meant as a stand alone tutorial/workflow to learn coding. Generally they includes lots of links to people who have done the hard work, and I just have a small subset of code that is relevant to my workflow or some common code chunks I use. So please read on with caution - mostly this is just a place for me to collate some websites/tutorials/information that I have found useful during my research in one central location.

Tidy data

Keeping data tuidy and record keeping is essential for science.

I recommend some useful links to get you started.

Must haves

When making your plots there are two must haves you need to bookmark:

Useful resources for data analysis/visualization in RStudio

Specific packages and tutorials



Figures are an important part of any publication. They are often the first thing readers look at and will help usually are the deciders as to whether non-specialists are going to read on…a good figure goes a long way! If you can spend the time it is well worth it (within reason of course). A good read on some do and don’ts for figures by Rougier et al. 2014 PLOS comp biol, while your at it check out this one by Mensh and Kording 2017.

I don’t see the need to reinvent the wheel so see some useful pages:

Add ins

datapasta - interactive copy and paste features of data into a data frame within RStudio.

Simply copy data to clipboard and in console paste using ‘control’, ‘shift’, ‘t’.

See link above on install and setting up short cuts.